You can send us women's and men's clothing, shoes, or accessories from any brands that are in good condition. We accept items from sizes XXS to 5X (plus sizes). Everything must be cleaned before you send it to us.

You can order your Clean Out Kit via our website, and we will send you everything you need to return your items to us, including a free return label and a return bag.

You can order as many Kits as you want!

Our return bags are 24 x 24", so you can send us as many items as you can fit inside the bag. Usually, for clothes shoes and accessories, the bags can contain 15-20 items.

Of course! By ordering your Clean Out Kit, you can choose to use our return bag, or your own package. Your own package might be useful if you have heavier or bulkier items.

Yes, you can send us non-branded items, but keep in mind that branded items usually sell at a higher pace and price.

Yes! You can send, for example, women' clothing and men's clothing within the same bag.

No, unfortunately. Since we want to keep the best available items on our platform, only items of very good quality are usually accepted.

When ordering your Clean Out Kit, you can select the Return Assurance ($10) so you'll have the option to get back the items that were not accepted. If you did not select the Return Assurance, all non-accepted items won't be returned to you, and donated to charity.

Clean Out Kits are only available for Canadians at this time.

The time it takes to sell your goods varies based on many different factors; however, most items sell within 30 days. If your items don't sell after three months, your items will be returned to you if you've selected the Return Assurance ($10) when requesting your Clean Out Kit. If the Return Assurance option was not selected, non-sold items are donated to charity.

When ordering your Clean Out Kit, you can select the Return Assurance ($10) so you'll have the option to get back the items that were not sold at the end of the 90-day listing period. If you did not select the Return Assurance, all non-sold items are donated to charity.

When your items are ready for listing, you'll receive an email to connect to your personal dashboard, where you can track what you listed, the pricing, when your item(s) sold, and what your payouts are.

If you would like to have the unlisted and unsold items from your Clean Out Kit returned to you, Koop offers a service called Return Assurance for an additional fee of $10. If you do not select the Return Assurance, unlisted and unsold items will not be sent back to you, nor can we request these items to be returned as they will have already been responsibly recycled.

Koop has a team of experts who price your items. They base their evaluations on condition, brand, competition, and more. Our pricing is competitive, yet we strive to get you the most for your item.

You won't be able to modify or ask for a change in the prices set for your items.

You earn between 40-60% of the selling price, depending upon many factors, including the brand, the popularity of the items, and the amount of items sold with Koop in the past. Once your item sells, you will have the option to receive your payout or send it to the charity of your choice.

Yes, we charge a $10 shipping fee for every new Clean Out Kit ordered!

No, we take care of that!

Payouts are only done via PayPal only at this moment. In your personal dashboard, you'll be able to follow the instructions to choose when and what amount you'd like to transfer to your PayPal account.

Outside of our commissions, the only fee we charge is a 3.5% Payment Processing Fee on the total sale (excluding taxes). The details of this fee will be visible on your dashboard.

Yes, both the sellers and Koop's final commissions will take into account any discounts given to clients.

Yes! If you select that option, you will have the opportunity to specify the charity of your choice after we've received your items. If you don't choose an organization, we will select one for you.


Koop sells new and gently used women's and men's clothing and accessories. We sell products from all brands and designers, from sizes XXS to 5X (plus sizes).

We currently only ship in Canada and in the US! Sign up for our newsletter to be notified as we expand!

We are committed to selling only the highest-quality second-hand items. We have a team of experts at Koop who evaluate every item that is shipped to us. We only accept new or gently used items, so you can be confident shopping with Koop.

Koop has partnered with Afterpay to offer the "Buy Now, Pay Later" payment option. This option allows clients to pay for purchases in 4 equal installments, with 0% interest. For more information about the "Buy Now, Pay Later" payment option, feel free to learn more at

For orders in the US and in Canada, shipping is free on all orders over $75! For orders below $75, a flat fee of $12 will be applied to every order.

Yes! In Canada, returns are free for orders over $75! For orders below $75, a flat fee of $12 will be applied to every order. You can return your items within 14 days of ordering them for free if you're based in Canada! If you're based in the US, returns are still available within 14 days of ordering your items, but you are responsible for paying the return shipping fees. You can create a return by clicking on "Returns" in the footer menu of our website.

The retail price, which is the estimated price that the item was sold for the first time when it was brand new, is calculated based on Koop's own algorithm, which uses hundreds of data points. The retail price might change from time to time if new data comes in.

Unfortunately, no. Items that are to be returned must be sent separately from any Clean Out Kit. Any items returned inside your Clean Out Kit will not be processed nor refunded.

Koop has traditionally sold unaccepted items to third-party textile recyclers. Rescues is a service that offers bundled apparel, including previously unsold or unaccepted apparel for sale, which has been determined by Koop to be non-functional, have cosmetic defects or was otherwise not accepted pursuant to our normal clothing processing standards. Unless otherwise stated, Rescues items are final sale, non-refundable, and non-returnable.