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How it works

Order your Clean Out Kit, and we will send you everything you need to return your items to us, including a free return label and a return bag.

Clean your closet

Free up space in your closet by filling your kit with items you no longer wear, need, or love.

Ship Your Items For Free

Ship your items

With our prepaid return label, you can drop your package at your nearest carrier.

Relax and Sell

We take care of the rest!

Relax and receive your payouts in cash, in shopping credits or make a donation.


You can send us women's, men's, kids' and babies' clothing, shoes, or accessories from any brands that are in good condition. You can also send back toys for kids and babies, except larger toys (doll houses, for example, won't be accepted).

We accept items from sizes XXS to 5X (plus sizes). Everything must be cleaned before you send it to us.

You can order as many Kits as you want!

Our return bags are 24 x 24", so you can send us as many items as you can fit inside the bag. Usually, for clothes shoes and accessories, the bags can contain 15-20 items.

Of course! By ordering your Clean Out Kit, you can choose to use our return bag, or your own package. Your own package might be useful if you have heavier or bulkier items.

When your items are ready for listing, you'll receive an email to connect to your personal dashboard, where you can track what you listed, the pricing, when your item(s) sold, and what your payouts are.

If you would like to have the unlisted and unsold items from your Clean Out Kit returned to you, Koop offers a service called Return Assurance for an additional fee of $10. If you do not select the Return Assurance, unlisted and unsold items will not be sent back to you, nor can we request these items to be returned as they will have already been responsibly recycled.

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