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I have had a very positive experience with Koop so far - both as a buyer and as a seller! I purchased a Surprise Box, which had a few great items, including two that were new with tags. I sent in a big box of items a few months ago and so far two things have sold. The customer services representatives have always been very responsive to my emails. Overall, I'm pretty happy!

Barbara Prud'homme

Sold for about $250 with them, old baby clothes! Beware tough, they only take almost brand new items, they keep the non-accepted items and can return them to you if you want.

Mike Simmons

Purchased 2 pair of pants, impressed With the quality

Peter S.

Received my Clean Out Kit at the beginning of August, and sent about 20 items for women. Two weeks later the items were processed and I received my login dashboard details, where I could see all my items. Some of my items were not priced right (some too high, some too low), so I contacted customer service, and they've adjusted the pricing for certains items (they have an algorithm for the pricing). So far, sold 5 items, and will receive my payouts next month. Fairly happy about this!

Rebecca Donovan

Got my clean out kit last month and sent the items. At first couldn't see my listings but after talking with customer service, my items were assigned to someone else by mistake. It's been sorted out now and already sold 3 dresses!!!

Emilie Neymans

Received my package today - 2 new bags and 1 top!! One thing I didn't like about the website was the lack of information on the description, but after receiving the items, I'm very happy about this!